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Spartans City 2 vs Farnborough 2

Farnborough Jets 2 8 - 6 Spartans City 2
06 Oct 2013

The first match of the season for both of the Southampton Spartans City teams were played on Sunday 6th October at Farnborough.

Our City 2 team played against Farnborough 2 away at Farnborough. This was not only the first match of the season for City 2, but also debut Korfball matches for our new members Gareth and Charlotte. Another new member to the club, Matt, also played his first match with Spartans. This was a very close game as both teams were fairly evenly matched. Even with new members to the team, City 2 team gelled well and created many great shooting opportunities.  But unfortunately, the final score was 8-6 to Farnborough. Scorers for City 2 are: Matt (3), Kim (1), Kat (1), Tim (1).