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Spartans City 1 vs Oxford City 1

Spartans City 1 17 - 7 Oxford City 1
02 Oct 2016

City 1 got their first win of the season against Oxford City 1 on 2nd October. Oxford were losing several first team players but showed some decent play throughout. In the first half the goals kept coming for Spartans but Oxford replied with goals of their own. At halftime we were 11-7 up. So the fact it was 17-7 at full time showed how well defensively we played. The goals came primarily from close to the post, which is exactly what we had practised in training.

Spartans had 6 different scorers with 8 from the girls – 9 from the guys so a fairly even split!

Jenny Ball gets a shoutout for a 100% shot to goal ratio!