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Spartans 3 vs Southampton Uni 2

Spartans City 3 19 - 3 Soton Uni 2
09 Oct 2016

Spartans 3 v Soton uni 2 (9th October 2016) – from the perspective of Nick Leighton

Ah joy. The kids yeah? Cos I love a good run around! If there is one thing I can be sure of it’s that I can keep up with a hyperactive 20 year old <sarcasm>. Ok, lets get on this. Right, so I am up against some blonde bloke. Big hair! How the kids have it these days! Oh I miss hair! Why am I on this bloke? I can tell he has played before. Oh right, turns out it played for Harrow Vultrix. But you know what… he is not really shooting. Lee is on the (I think) slower guy, but this may actually work! ok, we are in attack. But a bit slow in scoring here. its not completely ethical, but lets get Kat doing what she does and give her an easy runner. Get the score going from the first teamer! I’m feeling faaaairly comfortable! I can still breathe which is a bonus.

Whats the score? 3-0? Sweet Ooops they’ve scored! Daves calling a time out. Something about long passing, let them make mistakes, collect first! Actually, its definitely worked. The uni are fairly erratic, but what I am quite impressed with is how committed they are in, well, the game. To be fair most of their interceptions are coming off… but they are definitely playing a dangerous game. Oh, and there are loads of them! Got a new guy to mark in the first half!

Half time? Cool. 8-1… actually that really good! I have not scored any yet… but I am sure I am wearing them down! More wise words from the boss!

But this aint going right… 8-3? Although, to be fair… I have not conceded myself so “go me!”. I actually feel fairly sprightly still. Oh yeah, another new bloke! Winner! Aaaah, I know this one from last year! Basketballer. Speedy AND shooty! Hmmm, this is trickier!

Ah bless, Kats giving me a pen that she won! whoops… that never got close to the korf! Awkwaaaaard!

I’ve still not conceded though… fortunately Lees getting a few. The other end are probably doing stuff as well. Getting a bit tired now… just going to focus on me!

Wahey… I’ve scored! Boooosh! Probably the best goal of the match! Undoubtedly! I mean, we cant really be caught at this point, but I still think thats the winning goal!! Nothing like a good goal to help with the flagging energy!

Not long to go now. Free pass to me! Lets give this a whirl!… oh that’s nice! not touching the sides! 2 for me! None conceded, despite the short guy shooting LOADS this half… ive got a bit lucky there! 2-0 to me! That’ll do! blimey! 19-6… how did that happen? I guess some other people scored as well! still… 2-0 to me!


(Lee – 7, Idy – 4, Dave– 2, Kat – 2, Nick – 2, Lisenka – 1, Kieran – 1)