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Spartans 3rd Team First Match of 2016-17

Spartans City 3 10 - 3 Guildford Thunder
02 Oct 2016

Sunday 2nd October 2016 – Home v Guildford

It was obvious that Spartans 3 were entering their first match of the season with a stupidly strong team. Due to injury, illness and availability we had 3 players with plenty of previous 1st team experience under their korfball belts (essentially like Batmans utility belt). What was unknown was how strong Guildford would be. They had gotten better and better last season and rumours had it they too had recruited well over the summer. It was definitely not a match to be taken lightly!

A real bonus for us was Guildford has also travelled without their experienced coach to guide them from the sidelines. Whilst they were fairly well grilled as a unit, they lacked that guidance.

Spartans started slow but it always felt we were in control of the match. It took a few attacks before Creed got the opening goal for the thirds campaign. This was quickly followed by a goal from Cheung (of which she would end with 3 over the course of the game).

The girls were running the show in terms of goals in the first half. Currie chipped in with one while Pollard, with only a half to play, got herself a brace before the break.

First half was completely professional and the only goal conceded came from a freak mistake from Spartans that Guildford capitalised on well.

Half time Spartans 3 were winning 6-1

Half time saw Ridsdale replace Pollard and Gannon replace Cole. The second half was where the boys took over on the goal scoring front. Davey got the goal his overall (MVP) performance deserved and Dunnett helped himself to a couple.

Final score was 10-3 to thirds.

3 spartan debuts achieved as well (Ridsdale, Gannon & Davey).

A promising start for the third team. There may well be weeks where we do not have the same sort of strength in team members… but this was a perfect way to start the season and should be a great platform to work on.

Next up… Southampton University!


Nick L