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Spartans City 1 vs Basingstoke 2

Basingstoke Bulls 2 10 - 15 Spartans City 1
16 Nov 2013

After a tough match for the Regional Spartans team, City 1 team played against Basingstoke 2 an hour later. With some of the Basingstoke team having played in two previous matches, their fatigue was to our advantage. It was a slow start for the Spartans, the score at half time did not match up to our expectations.  In the second half, Spartans brought on some fresh players.  This proved to be what was needed to boost Spartans game. The final score was 15-10 to Spartans!

Scorers were: Andy (4), Sophie (3), David (3), Gari (1), Charlie (1), James (1), Kat (1) and Idy (1)