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Spartans City 1 vs Farnborough 2

Spartans City 1 14 - 11 Farnborough 2
27 Oct 2013

The first home game for City 1 took place on 27th October against Farnborough 2. The Farnborough 2 team had a few first team players to make up the numbers, so this was going to be a challenging match for City 1 having just drew with Farnborough 1 earlier on in the season.

This match was to be one for the guys of City 1 with 12 of the 14 goals coming from our male players! But of course, the girls were there to assist those great goals. It was a fairly evenly matched game, but Spartans were always just ahead of Farnborough.  Spartans finally managed to tear away from the closely matched score in the second half and finished with a great long shot from Andy in the last 5 seconds of the match. Final score 14-11 to City 1.

Scorers were: Andy (9), David (3), Emma (1), Idy (1)