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Spartans City 1 vs Soton Uni 2

Spartans City 1 23 - 1 Soton Uni 2
01 Dec 2013

After a tough day with two regional matches for some of the City 1 players, City 1 had a game against Uni 2 the next day. After two massive wins for the Regional team, spirits were high amongst the team. The aim for City 1 is to experiment with different ways of play in this match. City 1 team’s experience and excellent team work was obvious right from the beginning. We attacked and defended hard against Uni 2 throughout the whole game. The end result was 23-1 to City 1.

Scorers are: Jenny (6), David (5), Andy (4), Sophie (3), Kat (2), Gari (1), James (1), Idy (1)