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Spartans City 2 vs Soton Uni 2

Spartans City 2 3 - 5 Soton Uni 2
27 Oct 2013

This was always set to be an interesting match with Spartans City 2 team playing their sister club Spartans Uni 2 team. Both teams are designed for the development of new Korfball players to gain experience and match time. Unfortunately, a few City 2 players were unwell, therefore Uni 2 kindly loaned us a few players for this match.

A lot of great effort was on display from both sides of the team, and the newer players showed great Korfball potential! This match was the scoring debut for Ed, with a great running in shot. It was also Rob’s debut game, in which he also scored a great goal! But having players from Uni 2 with very little Korfball experience puts a strain on the general performance of the City 2 players. The end result was 5-3 to Uni 2, but both teams learnt a lot from this match and should be able to develop further.

Scorers were: Ed (1), Rob (1), Alex (1)