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Spartans City 2 vs Soton Uni 2

Soton Uni 2 1 - 10 Spartans City 2
24 Nov 2013

It was an away match for the City 2 team against Southampton Uni 2 on the evening of Sunday 24th November. This was the second time that both teams meet since the beginning of the season.  With a team full of city players, there was no need to loan any players from the Uni team.

It was a slow start to the match, with a score of 2-0 to City 2 at half time. City 2 subbed on a couple of fresh players, this proved to be the turning point for City 2 with 8 great goals in the second half. City 2 continued with the solid defence, only allowing 1 goal to be scored by Uni 2 in the whole match. The final score is 10-1 to City 2 and it’s the first win of the season for City 2! Well done!

Scorers were: Kat (3), Tim (2), Matt (1), Kim (1), Ed (1), Gareth (1), Jen B (1)