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Spartans City 2 vs Southampton Uni 1

Spartans City 2 10 - 23 Southampton Uni 1
08 Oct 2016

Saturday afternoon (8th October) saw a hastily rearranged fixture between City rivals Southampton city 2 and Southampton Uni 1. The game started at a flying pace with first blood to the city team as Kate Hotton fired in from distance. This only seemed to anger the uni team who moved up a gear, passing the ball quickly and freely, taking some great long shots to pass city and mount a substantial lead. City chipped away with some great attacks without reward. Towards the end of the first half city defence started to shore up to stop the Uni team mounting an unassailable lead. Uni led at half time by around 8.

The second half saw a rejuvenated City team hit the court with some lovely flowing attacking play resulting in four unanswered goals. A particularly good goal for Natalie firing in from distance. With the scores edging closer the city team took their foot off the pedal and allowed the uni team back in the game. They started to pull away again and youth finally prevailed with the game ending 23-10. If the ref hadn’t of been so keen eyed Sean Dunnett would have been competing for top scorer for the Spartans with four disallowed goals (could be a record). As it happened he was the only none scorer. Overall a great effort against a team that will no doubt be title challenges.