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Spartans City 3 vs Southampton Uni 3

Spartans City 3 31 - 3 Soton Uni 3
12 Nov 2016Southampton University Campus

The first leg of Sky Sports 1’s “Super Fantastic Korf Spectacular Weekend” saw the battle for the south coast as the irresistible force of Spartans 3 met the immovable object of Uni 3.

And there were goals. Lots of them. There were short ones, long ones, runner ones (but only in the first half…). And that was just Idy Cheung.

From the first minute Spartans took the game to their less experienced opponents, opening the metaphorical floodgates with double hat trick heroes MVP Idy, super coach David Creed and runner specialist Kat Leak.

Even Spartans captain Nick Leighton admitted he was “totally and utterly bamboozled” at how his charges had managed to score more than 30- with every player in his line up contributing to the splurge of korf goals.

Very well played by everyone- and despite the defeat a good showing from Uni as well, with many only playing their first game of korf. Final score 31-3 to City 3.

Next up will see Spartans taking on Reading University, in a match already being described as “on this Sunday”.

Goals: Dave Creed and Idy Cheung 7, Kat Leak 6, Kieran Davey 4, Nick Leighton 3, Lee Gannon 2, Cat Ventura and Kim Buckland 1

MVP: Idy Cheung

Kieran D