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Leicester Tournament 18/05/2013

Spartans took 7 of its players who travelled up to Leicester for a fun day filled with outdoor Korfball. It was an Italian themed affair at the Rugby club and there were 14 teams in the tournament from all over the UK. The Spartan team played 4 matches and came top within their group to put them through to the quarterfinals. Success at the quarterfinals then put them through to the semi finals which they unfortunately loss but played in the placing match for 3rd and 4th place.  Spartans won this and claimed 3rd.  Evening entertainment were provided by Leicester Tornadoes, which allowed us to mingle socially with other teams.  Having so many teams of Korfball players in one space, it is going to be messy, but everyone had a great time.  Most of the team camped overnight at the grounds, but one (Simon) decided that the car was more comfortable than a tent.  This was proven to be one of the worse decision he has made the next morning. It was an early start the next morning for the Spartans team who travelled to Leicester to get to Abingdon for the Chris Carter Memorial Cup.

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