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Nomads Summer Tournament 2014

So the end of Korfball season in April marks the start to a string of summer tournaments! The first summer Korfball tournament Spartans entered in 2014 is the Nomads tournament on Sunday 1st June. We couldn’t ask for better weather, being sunny and warm, we managed to enjoy the sunshine in between games.

Spartans were placed in a tough group for the morning matches. The first match was against the first team of the home club. Spartans started strong, being two goals ahead.  But a quick turn around by Nomads 1 made the end score 6-4. Second match was against Croydon Blue and again Spartans performed well but unfortunately still lost by 1 goal. Another loss for Spartans against a familiar team from the south, Basingstoke 1,  meant we were placed in the lower placings group for the afternoon.

The afternoon games were a lot more relaxed as the heat got the better of most korfballers. Spartans definitely got more into the matches this afternoon, performing consistently well in all the games and finishing top in the group. A great day of Korfball for all the Spartans that attended, and we are all looking forward to more tournaments this summer! Next up, Gloucester!

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