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Regional Spartans vs Cardiff City Cyclones and Cardiff University

It was a back to back game for the Spartans Regional team in Cardiff University Sports Village. After a long journey to Cardiff, we were up against Cardiff City first. This worked out well for Spartans as after an early lead in the match, we knew we had the upper hand against them which gave us the confidence to perform well. Both attack and defence was excellent through out the whole game and this lead to a fantastic result of 24-7 to Spartans.

Scorers are: Tom (7), Ian (4), Jenny (4), Alex (3), Sophie (2), Becky (2), David (1) and Idy (1)

Spartans had a short break after playing against Cardiff City, and it was straight onto Cardiff University.  Cardiff University was a strong side. It was obvious they trained regularly together with an enthusiastic coach. It was a close match through out, and it was towards the end of the second half that Spartans managed to break away from the close score line.  Spartans won 15-10.

Scorers are: Alex (5), Jenny (3), Andy (2), Emma (2), Sophie (1), Tom (1), Ian (1)

Thats 3 wins out of 4 matches so far for the Spartans Regional team! Great results Spartans!