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Spartans wins Chris Carter Cup

The Spartans first team went up to Guilford and got very lost in a BIG school trying to find the hall, but we eventually found it. They were joined by a sort of 2nd team, who had joint forces with Southampton Uni (But only Cat came!)

Firsts ended up champions! Winning all but one, which they drew. Seconds had a more difficult time and were paying the price for a lack of girls and subs! It was great to see both Lee and Will back in their Spartans shirts. And thanks to Nick for doing their ref commitments.

Thank you to everyone involved! Especially the girls who had to cover both teams! Well done to Owain for ending the day as top scorer, definitely for us, but probably the whole tournament!

Here’s a summary of the 1sts games…

vs Didcot 1 – won 6-2
Goals: Carensa x2, Owain, Katharina, Tom, Lucy

vs Basingstoke 1 – won 11-4
Goals: Owain x5, Osian x2, Lucy x2, Carensa, Kat

vs Farnborough 2 – won 8-1
Goals: Tom x2, Owain, Carensa x2, Lucy, Iona, Kat

vs Abingdon 1 – won 10-4
Goals: Owain x4, Osian x2, Lucy, Grace, Carensa, Kat

vs Guildford 1 – won 5-1
Goals: Tom x2, Osian, Ste, Grace

vs Oxford City – drew 3-3
Goals: Tom, Ste, Carensa

vs Farnborough 1 – won 6-4
Goals: Osian, Lucy, Daniel x2, Ste, Carensa

FINAL vs Farnborough 1 – won 9-8
Goals: Tom, Osian, Lucy x2, Dan x3, Owain, Carensa

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