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Why Korfball?

This may be a question many of you have asked yourselves- Why should I play korfball? Not only is it known as one of the most social sport around, it is also a fun way to get fit!

Here are some of the stories of how our Spartans got into playing Korfball…

Dave poached me from a netball forum! (From which he was later banned I believe)


I had just moved to Southampton from Leeds and picked up keys for the flat I was renting. I didn’t know anyone local yet and met one of the founders (Kate Fraser-Smith) in the pizza place opposite the flat.


I was tempted by Haribo served in a wok and free pizza!


On my second day in Southampton at my second day of work (during lunch), Idy asked me “if I was sporty”, then showed me a video of korfball and told me tryouts were tonight and that I should come along – very helpfully texted me the address, I came along and the rest is history! Met some great people, am learning a new sport and I love it so much that I’m sticking around for another year!


I spent my first year at uni with Sophie Slater hanging after some amazing sounding socials…wasn’t particularly bothered about the sport side of things! The I joined and caught the korf-bug!

Jenny N

I started playing korfball last century! In the summer of 1999! It was when we the sport was only available in black and white and all the men had moustaches and all the women had to wear “decent” skirts which covered their knees. When I lived in Bristol, a very good friend of mine that I worked with introduced me to the sport. He had started playing at university and continued playing in the real world! I have played korfball for 16 years now over 4 clubs (give or take a few guest appearances for other teams). I have met so many good friends through Korfball and I cannot begin to tell you how well the sport has treated me and defined my life. I can’t imagine my life without it.